One of the first questions a potential tax return client wants to know when they call our office is: How much does it cost to get my taxes done? Although this is a very difficult question to answer, I am going to do my best here to explain some general pricing guidelines.


The determining the cost to getting your taxes done is like the determining the cost it will take to get better when you are sick. In some cases, it might only cost you a can of chicken noodle soup and some rest to get you to feel better. In other cases, you might have to go the doctor and the doctor will have performs some tests to see what is causing your illness. They might then have to refer you to a specialist or prescribe you prescription for you to feel better. All of this adds additional costs to you feeling better. The doctor won’t know the true cost on how to make you feel better until they have all the facts and that is similar when it comes to getting your taxes done.


When filing your taxes, there are different forms and schedules that may be necessary in your case to help file the correct tax return or to save you on taxes. Many people think their situation is simple or basic, but it can quickly become a more complicated situation than one previously thought. For example, you might need to file more than one state return because you live in New Jersey but work in Philadelphia, you received multiple W-2s, you might need to have the fees taken from your refund to pay for your return, or you might need help calculating the expenses for your business. Not to mention, there are additional forms to complete if you have children or dependents, if you are claiming the earned income credit, if you rent out a property, if you drive for Uber or Lyft or have your own business, if you sell stocks or crypto-currency, if you have kids or a spouse going to college, etc, etc. This list goes on and on and I wouldn’t be able calculate to every situation possible because there are over 10,000,000 pages to the IRS Revenue Code. Now, I cannot give you an exact quote through this article of what it will cost you to get you taxes done, but I can at least give you an idea of where you are starting. Click here for Taxes Made EZ Simple Pricing Guide.


Our prices keep the customer in mind, last year the average price in New Jersey of an individual tax return without itemizing and one state return was $193, an individual tax return in New Jersey with just itemized deductions and one state return was $325, an individual in New Jersey  with Schedule C business income and one state return was $615 according to the NSA Income and Fees of Accountants and Tax Preparers in Public Practice Survey (pg. 2). You can rest assured you are getting great value and great service here a Taxes Made EZ. If you would like to schedule an appointment and have your taxes done by one of the Tax Professionals here at Taxes Made EZ, call our office at (856)232-0958.